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Lunar and Planetary Institute 

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JWST First Image Toolkit Resources

Improv with the Stars! (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)
Multiwavelength Bingo (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)
Filtered Light (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Model (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)

James Webb Space Telescope Resources

Look Up! Explore Our Universe Event Page:

Look Up! First Image Clearinghouse Activity Collection:

James Webb Space Telescope Website for Public Engagement Materials:

Follow Webb using #NASAWebb on NASA’s social channels, Twitter andFacebook. 

NASA’s Universe of Learning Science Briefings:

Additional Astrophysics and Space Telescope Resources  

Webb Mission Page for the Latest News and Image Updates 

NASA’s Universe of Learning 

NASA Astrophysics Exploration Program 

Hubble Space Telescope Image Gallery 

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