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Below is a list of current projects that are integral parts of the STAR Library Network (STAR Net).

STEM Tales

The STEM Tales project is investigating the effect of media read-alouds by diverse scientists and engineers on STEM and literacy learning in young children and their interest in STEM careers.

Building Resilient Communities

This symposium aims to emerge next steps for public libraries, climate researchers, health advocates, and other interested organizations to work together to create Action Plans around local effects of a changing climate in their communities.

SEAL: Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries

Join STAR Net’s SEAL (Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries) Initiative to Prepare for the 2023/2024 Solar Eclipses!

NASA Inspires Futures for Tomorrow’s Youth

This project is preparing NASA professionals to be STEM role models and connects them to NASA-themed STEM outreach programs for youth and families within the TPT SciGirls, National Girls Collaborative, and the Space Science Institutes’ STAR Library Network.

From Our Town to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond

This library exhibit and professional development project is working with public libraries across the country to help engage a broad cross section of the public in the NASA Artemis program: the return of humans to the moon, with an eye towards Mars

NASA@ My Library

NASA@ My Library

Through the NASA@ My Library project, NASA and the public library community will work together to enhance STEM literacy of library patrons, with a focus on underserved and underrepresented populations, throughout the nation.

Project BUILD

Project BUILD

The overarching aim of Project BUILD is to better understand how youth’s learning preferences or dispositions relate to their STEM learning experiences. It also seeks to build community members’ capacity through Community Dialogues to inspire and educate youth about STEM careers.

Soy Super - I'm Super

STEAM Equity

The project vision is for participating rural communities to empower tweens and their families around equitable STEAM learning and career paths by leveraging their existing strengths, interests, and diverse cultures.

We Are Water

We Are Water

This project brings a traveling exhibit and interactive programs to rural and tribal communities in the Four Corners Region of the U.S. and engages community members in conversations about their personal and community connections to local water topics.

Discover Exoplanets

Discover Exoplanets

This project aims to help public libraries and small museums to become better partners, through the shared experience of the Discover Exoplanets exhibition.

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