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In the STEM Activity Clearinghouse, librarians and library staff can find high quality, vetted STEM activities that are appropriate for library use. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

You can search and sort by audience, content level, and difficulty, among others. You can also browse collections that we’ve curated just for you! Almost all the activities in the Clearinghouse have pictures or videos of real libraries doing these activities.

Activities developed outside STAR Net have tips and tricks for implementing in your library, and will link you back to the original source so you can explore more.


“The STAR Net STEM Activity Clearinghouse is the perfect tool for a librarian like me with a lot of passion and interest in STEM, but no formal background in science, technology, engineering or math. The instructions and videos are easy for me and my staff to follow…”

Valerie Marshall, Broward County Florida Library

“STAR Net is like “one-stop shopping” to find everything you need for your next project or program. One of the best items is the ability to search and filter through hundreds of STEM activities and find just the right one to fit your needs.”

Tina Meiners, Montrose Regional Library

“I love using STAR Net because the STEM Activity Clearinghouse has so many wonderful ideas for fun and engaging activities! All of the activities are provided with instructions and helpful information like recommended age groups, associated costs…”

Atlas Logan, Gwinnett County Public Librar

“The STEM Activity Clearinghouse contains fun and easy-to-facilitate activities for all ages. The collection of resources inspires all of our librarians, with and without science backgrounds, to guide patrons with confidence.”

Analiza Perez-Gomez, Laredo Public Library

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