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STAR Net Participates in the STEM For All Video Showcase


The STAR Library Network (STAR Net) recently entered a video into the NSF STEM For All Video Showcase, which will take place from May 13th to May 20th.  STAR Net’s 3-minute video focuses on how the organization has prepared libraries for the Collaborative Summer Library Program's 2019 summer learning theme, “A Universe of Stories.” Every year, libraries across the country rally around a summer reading theme and offer diverse programs to the communities that they serve. With the Collaborative Summer Library Program's 2019 theme, "A Universe of Stories," the STAR Library Network (STAR Net) is partnering with 12 state libraries to provide library [...]

STAR Net Participates in the STEM For All Video Showcase2019-04-30T11:24:07-06:00

STEAM Engines: A House for a Louse


We were at the tail end of what seemed to be an endless, capricious winter. One of those predictably unpredictable Illinois seasons where one day you wake up and the sun is shining, and the breeze is sweet, and the crocuses know better but just can’t help themselves. There’s something about that optimism - that hubris - that I appreciate, and I felt similar feelings as I saw a lone ant making his way across our kitchen counter. I knew that soon we’d be locked in battle for control of the kitchen, but at that moment, about a month too soon [...]

STEAM Engines: A House for a Louse2019-04-29T20:51:50-06:00

3D Printing Boot Camp


Skokie Public Library has previously offered multiple day programs over school breaks to engage learners in a deeper dive of a specific content. Boot camp style programs tend to do well with higher tech topics like coding. This year during Spring Break, Ben, one of our Experiential Learning Specialists, designed a two day boot camp style program on 3D design and printing for kids in grades 3-5. The program was co-facilitated by Erica, another Experiential Learning Specialist. Both Ben and Erica primarily work in SPL’s youth computer lab. Here’s what they did. Ben decided to frame this program around Tinkercad, a [...]

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New GLOBE Observer Toolkit for Informal Educators


GLOBE Observer, an app-based citizen science project, recently released a toolkit for informal educators at libraries, museums, parks and outdoor education centers, after school programs, and more, which is available online at The toolkit contains activities and resources which can be integrated into programming at your institution. Each section includes tips for using the app and information about why it is important to make these observations. The resource library contains activities, books, videos, and presentations, as well as handouts and promotional materials. They would love to hear from you! Please send your suggestions and feedback about the toolkit to

New GLOBE Observer Toolkit for Informal Educators2019-04-08T13:14:24-06:00

Free Books and Supplies Available for Your Library!


by Stephanie Vierow-Fields STAR Net’s Summer of Space campaign promotes space science and astronomy and provides valuable resources that public libraries can use to build a summer learning program that their community will remember for years to come. From NASA’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 Moon landing to CSLP’s summer learning program, A Universe of Stories, STAR Net brings together a wide range of activities, resources, and webinars that enlighten as much as they inspire.  But while there are instructions on how to organize a night sky viewing, or conduct a fun Solar System scale activity, Summer of Space is also providing [...]

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