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Money Fun


        This month there is an exhibit in the adult collection about money and managing finances.  I've decided to focus my children's programming around money, and money fun, while the exhibit is on display.  It'll be a good opportunity to educate kids about being responsible with their money in a fun way, while the adults have the opportunity to learn about the same thing, through a more mature, if less entertaining method.  I'm planning on teaching several simple money "magic" tricks, since it always seems like money disappears, practically magically, no matter how hard you try to keep up with [...]

Money Fun2017-11-29T19:51:12-07:00

Planet Hoppers


When we first learned we’d be hosting the Explore Space exhibit from STAR_Net at our library this fall, we spent quite a bit of time browsing through program ideas and how-tos as we started to formulate our program schedule. Each month at our library, we offer an elementary-age STEAM program called Be the Scientist--and we knew we wanted the fall 2017 programs to tie into the exhibit and space in general. When we found the Jump to Jupiter program plan, we knew we’d found something that would work for our community. We tweaked the program to fit--literally--at our library, and named [...]

Planet Hoppers2017-11-28T09:53:25-07:00

Museum Alliance Professional Development Telecon


To participate in this telecon, your library may use the call-in information below. Call-in: [restrict]1-888-323-4924[/restrict] Passcode: [restrict]8165555[/restrict] Note: If you're not seeing the call-in info above, you'll need to login to STAR Net or register as a new member. Date:  November 21, 2017, Tuesday Time:  12 Noon PT (3pm ET) Topic: Choosing an InSight Landing Site Overview: Dr. Matt Golombek will go through the process of selecting the landing site for the InSight mission to Mars. Speaker: Matt Golombek is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Project Scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover and working on the NASA’s InSight discovery program mission. InSight is an acronym [...]

Museum Alliance Professional Development Telecon2017-11-15T10:20:31-07:00
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