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Look Up! Featured Activity – Multiwavelength Bingo


This content was written by Christine Shupla from the Lunar and Planetary Institute  Celebrate the first images of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope with this featured activity: Multiwavelength Bingo  Engage your patrons in astronomical images taken by telescopes studying the universe in different wavelengths in this game of bingo, after first exploring the idea of different types of light through an activity like Filtered Light or through this ViewSpace Interactive.   Facilitate as an in-person program at your library or as a Take & Make activity; interactive files are also available to conduct this game virtually with a group.  Time to complete: 20 [...]

Look Up! Featured Activity – Multiwavelength Bingo2022-05-17T21:11:07-06:00

(Resource List) Our Blue Planet: EARTH – Toolkit Unboxing Webinar


Our Blue Planet: EARTH – Toolkit Unboxing Webinar  Link Bank  Presenters  Claire Ratcliffe Adams Space Science Institute cratcliffe@spacescience.org  Christine Shupla Lunar and Planetary Institute shupla@lpi.usra.edu  Dillon Connelly Space Science Institute dconnelly@spacescience.org    Our Blue Planet: EARTH Toolkit Resources   Catch! The World’s Oceans (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  A Drop in the Bucket (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  GLOBE Observer: Clouds (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  Cloudscape (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  Building for Hurricanes (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  Polar Bears Go with the Floes (Modification & Prep List) (Science Blog)  Investigating the Insides (Modification & [...]

(Resource List) Our Blue Planet: EARTH – Toolkit Unboxing Webinar2022-04-26T13:19:12-06:00

“We are Water” Exhibit Opportunity Announcement


If you are a rural library in the Southwest, consider hosting the We are Water exhibition! We are looking for rural public, tribal, or college libraries in counties within the Four Corners Region of the Southwestern United States to host an exhibition about Water in the Four Corners for three months in 2023 or 2024. Funding by the National Science Foundation enables the exhibition and programming to be delivered at no expense to libraries. Check out pictures of the We are Water exhibit here: https://wearewater.colorado.edu/traveling-exhibition Interested libraries from the following counties are invited to apply! Eligible Counties: Arizona counties: Apache, Navajo [...]

“We are Water” Exhibit Opportunity Announcement2022-04-14T14:58:08-06:00

(Resource List) Our Blue Planet: EARTH


Webinar Link Bank Presenters Claire Ratcliffe Adams Space Science Institute cratcliffe@spacescience.org Dr. Michael Wood NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory mike.wood@jpl.nasa.gov Webinar Recording: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/development/webinars/ Our Blue Planet: Earth Event Page: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/our-planet-earth/ Ocean Activities A Drop in the Bucket: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/activities/629-a-drop-in-the-bucket.html Investigating the Insides: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/astronomy-and-space/192-investigating-the-insides.html Polar Bears Go with the Floes: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/earth-science/24-polar-bears-go-with-the-floes.html Our Blue Planet: EARTH Activity Collection: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/177-our-blue-planet-earth NASA Resources Ocean Worlds: Water in the Solar System and Beyond (webpage) Are There Oceans on Other Worlds (video) JPL Earth Science: https://science.jpl.nasa.gov/division/earth-science/ OMG Mission: https://omg.jpl.nasa.gov/portal/ NOAA Sea level rise viewer: https://coast.noaa.gov/slr NASA Scientific Visualization Studio Greenland Ice Flow: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/3962 Science Journal for Kids: https://www.sciencejournalforkids.org/articles/how-is-the-ice-in-greenland-melting/ Free STAR [...]

(Resource List) Our Blue Planet: EARTH2022-03-21T19:44:13-06:00

(Resource List) Citizen Science in the Library: Turn Your Curiosity into Impact


Citizen Science in the Library: Turn Your Curiosity into Impact Webinar Link Bank Presenters Claire Ratcliffe Adams Space Science Institute cratcliffe@spacescience.org Caroline Nickerson SciStarter carolinehewittnickerson@gmail.com Webinar Recording: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/development/webinars/ SciStarter Resources SciStarter: https://scistarter.org/library-network SciStarter Resources Designed for Libraries: http://scistarter.org/Library SciStarter YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/scistarter Network of the National Library of Medicine: https://scistarter.org/nlm Citizen Science Kits: https://scistarter.org/library-build-a-kit SciStarter Widget: https://scistarter.org/widget/new Citizen Science Training: https://scistarter.org/training Questions? Email librarynetwork@scistarter.org Citizen Science Month Resources Citizen Science Month: https://scistarter.org/citizensciencemonth Register your event on SciStarter: https://scistarter.org/add Planning for your event: https://scistarter.org/citizensciencemonth-resources Sign up for facilitator updates: https://scistarter.org/citizensciencemonth-MailingList  Free STAR Net Resources Join STAR Net: http://www.starnetlibraries.org/community/ STEM Activity Clearinghouse: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/ STAR [...]

(Resource List) Citizen Science in the Library: Turn Your Curiosity into Impact2022-02-23T23:36:49-07:00

Celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd at Your Library!


What is World Water Day? World Water Day is an annual celebration of water started by the United Nations in 1993. This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the 2 billion people on our planet currently living without access to safe water. This event takes place every year on March 22. The focus is to inspire action towards the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goal #6: Water and sanitation for all by 2030. How can your library get involved? We are Water is a collaborative project led by the Education & Outreach program at the University of Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in [...]

Celebrate World Water Day on March 22nd at Your Library!2022-02-16T14:39:41-07:00

What To Do When Things Go Wrong in your STEAM Programs


Written by Susan Rolfsmeier, Assistant Director at Chadron Public Library Things will go wrong.  I am not a pessimist, but I have enough stories of accidentally deleting lab reports (pre-autosave) and wrong turns that led to being lost at the worst possible times that I have developed an unscientific expectation, a strong superstition, that if something can go wrong it will. My Mom used to call this Murphy’s Law. When I plan library programs, I’ve come to expect that things could go wrong, but I have also decided that this is okay. I can cope with things going wrong, and you [...]

What To Do When Things Go Wrong in your STEAM Programs2022-01-27T14:16:00-07:00

How to Turn a STEM Experiment into a Library Public Program


Written by Valerie Marshall, Community Library Manager, Broward County Library I have been offering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related programs to the general public in science museums, continuing education classes, and libraries for over a decade. Many of my library customers call me “The Space Lady” because I have a telescope and a picture of an astronaut in my office, and I’m always encouraging my customers to check out telescopes or come to my STEM programs. Through these experiences, I have learned how to put together successful STEM public programs, and I’d like to share some of my strategies [...]

How to Turn a STEM Experiment into a Library Public Program2021-12-27T15:49:04-07:00

Best Practices for Take & Make Activities


Tips & Tricks for Take & Makes to Compliment Virtual Programming By Atlas Logan, Gwinnett Public Library Many libraries have turned to Take & Make activity kits as a fun, engaging way to still meet community needs while keeping things safe during the pandemic. While fairly straightforward, there are still a few things to keep in mind when planning, preparing, and distributing Take & Make kits, especially if you are hoping to use them as a compliment to your virtual programming. When coming up with your programming and kits ideas, it helps to be familiar with the resources available for activity [...]

Best Practices for Take & Make Activities2021-11-23T16:41:19-07:00

(Resource List) We Are Water: Community Water Connections in the Four Corners Region


  We Are Water: Community Water Connections in the Four Corners Region - Link Bank Presenters Claire Ratcliffe Adams Space Science Institute cratcliffe@spacescience.org Patricia (Patty) Montaño CIRES Education & Outreach Associate patricia.montano@colorado.edu Brigitta Rongstad CIRES Education & Outreach brigitta.rongstad@colorado.edu Anne U. Gold Director CIRES Education & Outreach anne.u.gold@colorado.edu Webinar Recording: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/development/webinars/ Sign Up to Receive FREE World Water Day Activities: https://bit.ly/WAW-Webinar Follow We Are Water Newsletter Signup: http://www.starnetlibraries.org/about/our-projects/we-are-water/#newsletter-signup STAR Net We Are Water (website for libraries): http://www.starnetlibraries.org/about/our-projects/we-are-water/ We Are Water (website for patrons): https://wearewater.colorado.edu/ We Are Water Stories (images, videos, podcasts): https://wearewater.colorado.edu/stories Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreWaterSW Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreWaterSW Featured Activities: STAR Net Activity [...]

(Resource List) We Are Water: Community Water Connections in the Four Corners Region2021-02-24T04:14:21-07:00
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