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Louisville Public Library Seeks New Director of Library and Museum Services


The Louisville Public Library has been a great friend to the STAR Net Project since it’s inception almost 10 years ago. They’re now looking for a new Director to carry on the amazing legacy of Beth Barrett, and requested we share this announcement with STAR Net libraries, as they’re the type of innovative individuals Louisville is looking for! Minimum Qualifications Completion of a Master’s degree program at an American Library Association accredited college or university with major coursework in Library Science and Museum Studies (or Anthropology), and a minimum of seven years of increasingly responsible experience in professional public library administration [...]

Louisville Public Library Seeks New Director of Library and Museum Services2018-07-31T10:08:31-06:00

Seeing Stars!


Indoor astronomy is a great way to light up the night! We recently did that, both figuratively and literally. I have done a fairly large number of astronomy programs in the past 5 or 6 years, both with and without the library's 8" Dobsonian telescope; both indoors and out. I want these programs to be both about learning and fun... I want to encourage kids and their adults to spend time looking at the sky when they are outside, even if they aren't sure what they are looking at or for. Since the moon is an easy place to start, I [...]

Seeing Stars!2018-07-30T20:14:58-06:00

Exploring Chemical Engineering


This summer our informal learning space, the BOOMbox, is exploring all things engineering. The rotation is 16 weeks long and we’re focusing on a different field of engineering every two weeks. Last month we shared information about a program related to civil engineering and this month, we’re sharing highlights from our two weeks of exploring chemical engineering. Please note these activities were intended to provide a foundation of chemistry knowledge. We used that as a starting point for discussing what chemical engineering is with participants, and how it affects us on a day to day basis. Here’s what we featured. We [...]

Exploring Chemical Engineering2018-07-30T19:35:21-06:00

Sharing Bright Ideas for Family Engagement in STEM through the Living Ideabook


Guest post by Margaret Caspe, PhD - Director of research and professional learning at Global Family Research Project How can LED lights, conductive copper tape, and coin batteries bring brightness to families in Homer, Alaska during the darkest winter months? Through a STEM-focused family program at the Homer Public Library of course! Librarians in Homer recently created a series of family workshops highlighting circuit-building skills – one of which focused on making light-up holiday cards. Together parents and children asked questions about positive and negative charges, tinkered, and laughed while creating STEM-inspired seasons greetings.     This is but one example of how public [...]

Sharing Bright Ideas for Family Engagement in STEM through the Living Ideabook2018-07-16T09:00:05-06:00

Tips from Tassie


Credit: NASA   South of mainland Australia lies its island state, Tasmania. (Australians shorten the name to Tassie, which rhymes with "snazzy.") Roughly half of this island is protected; its wilderness is listed -- alongside the Taj Mahal and the ancient pyramids of Egypt -- as  World Heritage property. Amidst this wild grandeur, 50 sites deliver library services to the island's 524,700 inhabitants.   View through eucalyptus trees toward Tasmania's main urban center, Hobart. Credit: Keliann LaConte   As a Fulbright Global Scholar, I had the incredible fortune to visit some Tassie libraries and their partners. Here [...]

Tips from Tassie2018-07-14T11:13:18-06:00

Take a Hike! (At the Library?)


  Earlier this year, in the spring, Kenton County Public Library, Kenton County Parks and Recreation, the City of Erlanger, Banklick Watershed Council, the Kenton County Conservation District, and Sanitation District No. 1 all partnered to hold the first ever library hike. Within the city limits of Erlanger, where my library branch is located, is Doe Run Lake which is a Kenton County park. The City, the Parks, and the Library have worked together on a number of events, but this was a first for us; and it took two tries. The hike at Doe Run was originally scheduled to take place last [...]

Take a Hike! (At the Library?)2018-07-09T18:56:55-06:00

ISTE Newbie


Since this is my first blog post, I should introduce myself. My name is Christina, and I work in a public library in a Chicago suburb in Illinois. I have always worked with kids, but have changed titles a few times. I am currently working in the newly-created Youth Technology Librarian position. Until recently, I was the Middle School Librarian whose interest in technology led me to spearhead most of the technological endeavors of the department.  Now, I get to actually play with the things I recommend we buy, and teach it to kids of all ages, as well as the [...]

ISTE Newbie2018-07-07T21:46:08-06:00

Celebrating Rockets’ Red Glare!


On Monday, we celebrated America's birthday with some STEM activities! As always, we started with some reading, and I intentionally chose books that included images of fireworks. I also included a number of non-fiction Independence Day titles in my book display, along with this title: We started by reading A is for America, by Devin Scilian, then read Happy Birthday, America, by Mary Pope Osborne.  In keeping with the "rockets' red glare," theme, I decided to try two different activities, and both worked very well. The main activity was the creation of paper rockets which we launched with a stomp rocket launcher. [...]

Celebrating Rockets’ Red Glare!2018-07-03T22:52:45-06:00
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