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Beyond S-T-E-A-M: Playing, Creating, and Exploring

Credit: Muhlenberg Community Library Some of us associate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics ("STEAM") with FUN and MEANING for ourselves and our friends and family. We might imagine rockets blasting into space and the excitement of exploring the universe, or we might appreciate the chemicals in our sunscreen that keep us safe from

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Challenges and Strategies for Engaging Underserved and Underrepresented Audiences in Informal STEM Learning: Lessons Learned from Project BUILD

by Keliann LaConte, National Center for Interactive Learning, Space Science Institute and Jen Jocz, Education Development Center Through Project BUILD, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) volunteers and public library staff are working together to engage children in grades 2-5 and their families in age-appropriate, technology-rich STEM learning experiences that are based on the Engineering Design Process.

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STAR Net Resources

Calling All STEM Superstars (and Newbies, too!) Follow This Guide to Free Resources from the STAR Library Network (STAR Net) Participants in the 2015 Public Libraries & STEM conference provided input on library strengths and opportunities in STEM in this word cloud.       Are you planning to bring science, technology, and fun into your

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Tips from Tassie

Credit: NASA   South of mainland Australia lies its island state, Tasmania. (Australians shorten the name to Tassie, which rhymes with "snazzy.") Roughly half of this island is protected; its wilderness is listed -- alongside the Taj Mahal and the ancient pyramids of Egypt -- as  World Heritage property. Amidst this wild grandeur,

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Connecting with STEM in Public Libraries!

By Dr. Annette Shtivelband, Founder / Principal Consultant, Research Evaluation Consulting, LLC Think of the students you help every day. These kids have dreams for the future – some want to become teachers, doctors, firefighters or astronauts – and when they are young, the options seem limitless. However, as students age, they may not receive

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Dream Big to Build a Better World

  By Jeannine Finton, Senior Manager of Pre-College Outreach, American Society of Civil Engineers This year’s Summer Reading Theme is “Build a Better World.” This is a great opportunity to introduce people to engineering, especially civil engineering. Civil engineers design, build, and maintain all the things that connect us and let us live in safe, healthy communities such

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STEM in Libraries: Resources for Emerging and Established Leaders

The 2015 Public Libraries & STEM conference was the first of its kind for bringing professionals from the library and STEM professions together. Here, participants engaged in hands-on teamwork with Keva planks. The National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL)/Space Science Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of resources

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Resources Shared at the ALA Annual Conference

STAR_Net has a wealth of resources for public libraries to use in their STEM-related programs, and we brought resources relating to collaboration, plus our newest hands-on activities, to the ALA Annual Conference. Check out the slides and links from our two sessions below and let us know if you have anything to add! Thanks

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