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A Twist on Traditional Book Clubs Using Skype


By: Monica Kuryla, Director of Innovation Acceleration   The Fayetteville Free Library (FFL) offers an innovative and inexpensive twist on traditional book clubs using Skype.  Adding technology to a traditional book discussion is a fantastic way to enhance the book club experience for both the author and book club attendees.  The lively conversations that come out of the Skype program add a new level of appreciation of the art of reading and literature.  Some of the bestselling authors we have had attend our book club include: Adrianna Trigiani, Jamie Ford, Chris Bohjalian, Lauren Groff, Joyce Maynard, Christina Baker Kline and Mary Kubica. [...]

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Tiny Terrariums


Kenton County Public Library recently held a program called Tiny Terrariums at the Erlanger Branch, and it was very well-attended! Students ages 8-16 were invited to attend, and the program filled at 40 attendees. Many of the students were accompanied by interested adults as well.   We began the program with a presentation of some basics regarding terrariums. Scientific vocabulary was included to make the program a little more than just a "how-to." We discussed the differences between closed and open terrariums, kinds of soil, plants, and conditions they require, how the water cycle works in a closed terrarium, and more. The [...]

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DIY Giant Bubbles


The last weeks of summer are a great time to take science outside. At Skokie Public Library, we featured giant bubbles and bubble wand making at two outdoor events, one at a local school and one in conjunction with a bookmobile visit in the community. Here’s what we did. Photo by Andrew Dworek Two staff members were present to help with setting up the supplies and to assist participants with making wands and blowing bubbles. Supplies included water, liquid dish soap, yarn or string, scissors, plastic straws, and vegetable glycerin, plus a few plastic wash tubs for mixing the [...]

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Honey, what’s the deal with the bees?


There had been a lot of talk about the decline of honey bees for a while, and then you heard less about it. As researchers were working to pinpoint what exactly was causing their demise, the news world moved on to more interesting topics. Now suddenly, after officials sprayed pesticides aimed at mosquitoes potentially carrying the Zika virus, they are sadly in the news again. Articles such as this one  appeared all over the internet. This is a additional threat to the already threatened honey bee populations. So how can topics like this be addressed with children and families without both terrifying and upsetting [...]

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Museum Alliance Professional Development Conversation


Please join us for this free telecon! Museum Alliance Professional Development Conversation Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Time: 12 noon Pacific (3:00 pm Eastern) Leader: Jeff Nee Subject:  Planetary Geology: How Old is That?      Overview: This presentation is an exploration of how radioisotopes are used to establish the ages of geologic materials from Earth and elsewhere in the solar system. Content includes: 1) basic concepts of radioactive decay are presented; 2) specific applications to the dating of samples from Earth, the Moon, and meteorites; and 3) how the resulting data help constrain the tempo of solar system evolutionary processes. Training Materials: Presentation materials will be posted on the NASA [...]

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Coding Clubs: Youth Programming for Public Libraries


Please join us for this free webinar to learn about successful coding club programs for youth in public libraries. Coding Clubs: Youth Programming for Public Libraries Wed, September 28, 2016, 11:00am-12:00pm PDT Registration link: Does your library offer programs related to coding? Coding is quickly gaining traction as an essential digital skill in the 21st century, and many public libraries are offering coding classes for youth and adults as a way of promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The challenge is that coding is often a new skill for librarians and library staff who are responsible for offering programs. The good news [...]

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