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The Science of Watersheds and Watershed Moments


A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would be available and willing to help with a program for the local Boys & Girls Club. The friend who asked is a fellow Environmental Educator, and the Parks and Recreation Manager for the city of Covington, KY. She had been contacted by an employee of the Boys and Girls Club about providing STEM programs specifically related to pollution and trash and where they "end up." I agreed to help with the program as much as a favor for a friend as because I wanted to help provide the program. The program [...]

The Science of Watersheds and Watershed Moments2017-10-31T22:36:26-06:00

Building an ISS Model


Our library is hosting the Explore Space: A Cosmic Journey exhibit* for the next two months, and as part of this special exhibit we have lined up several space-themed STEAM programs for youth in grades K-5. One of our first programs took place before the exhibit’s opening: a challenge-based family program where the goal was to build a model of the International Space Station using cardboard boxes and other on-hand materials. We were inspired to host this program after seeing cardboard construction activities at other libraries, and we adapted the concept to our community. Here’s what we did. Starting in June, [...]

Building an ISS Model2017-10-27T16:26:29-06:00

NCIL Seeking Library and Museum Partner Sites to Host Interactive Traveling Exhibition Discover Exoplanets


The National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) at the Space Science Institute (SSI) is seeking eight library and museum partner sites to host the inaugural national tour of the interactive traveling exhibition Discover Exoplanets: the Search for Alien Earths.  Public libraries and small museum partners in rural areas and those serving rural populations and underrepresented groups are especially invited to apply. This program is slightly different from prior STAR Net  programs and SSI museum exhibition programs. This project aims to help public libraries and small museums to become better partners, through the shared experience of the Discover Exoplanets exhibition. SSI is fabricating 2 exhibits, one for display at [...]

NCIL Seeking Library and Museum Partner Sites to Host Interactive Traveling Exhibition Discover Exoplanets2017-10-21T16:55:07-06:00

New Report Shows Strong Partnerships Between Libraries and Afterschool Programs


A Guest Post by Melissa Ballard (Afterschool Alliance) The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with STAR Net, has a new report showing how afterschool programs and libraries are working together to support youth and families in their communities. In early 2017, we surveyed 365 afterschool programs to learn if and how they are working with their local public libraries, and what challenges they face. What did we find? Nearly three-quarters of afterschool programs had partnered with their local library in the past, and close to 100 percent of programs said that they saw a benefit in partnering with their local library. Most afterschool [...]

New Report Shows Strong Partnerships Between Libraries and Afterschool Programs2017-10-06T14:02:54-06:00
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