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Science Education Resources Survey


A group of museums is conducting research on informal science institutions and escape rooms experiences. An escape room is an increasingly popular physical adventure game in which players are “locked” in a room and as a team must solve a series of puzzles to “escape” the room. The purpose of this survey is to the gauge the level of interest among the informal science education community in pop-up escape room experiences that would engage visitors in a group problem-solving activity while teaching basic, NGSS-aligned science content. This survey should only take a few minutes to complete and should cause no more [...]

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Host a Community Screening of NOVA’s “Decoding the Weather Machine”


Are you interested in starting a conversation about climate change in your community? On April 18th, NOVA aired its newest climate change documentary, Decoding the Weather Machine. This two hour special takes a deep dive into our climate machine to explain why scientists agree that our climate is changing, how climate change will impact our daily lives, and how we can be resilient—and even thrive—in the face of this enormous change. We are looking for partners across the country that are interested in bringing a screening of Decoding the Weather Machine to their community. NOVA will provide your school or organization [...]

Host a Community Screening of NOVA’s “Decoding the Weather Machine”2018-05-21T09:34:55-06:00

Libraries and Engineers: Who Knew It Could Be So Much Fun?


By Brooks Mitchell, Education Coordinator The best and the brightest of the library world came together with the best and the brightest of the civil engineering world in Denver, Colorado for the Project BUILD Workshop this April. I had the privilege of helping organize this event and, as is usual when working with librarians, feel that I learned just as many lessons as the workshop attendees! Professional stereotypes were shattered, laughs were shared, and literal and metaphoric bridges were built during this intensive 2-day workshop. Project BUILD aims to partner library staff with volunteers from the American Society of Civil Engineers [...]

Libraries and Engineers: Who Knew It Could Be So Much Fun?2018-05-07T14:00:06-06:00

May the Fourth be With You: Star Wars Day at the Library


It's Star Wars Day! I know that it's giving away my age, but I remember when the very first Star Wars movie came out.  I watched it from a swing-set in the small, fenced-in playground at the foot of the giant screen of the drive-in movie theater.  The playground was surrounded by the same heavy gray metal boxes that were hung on the car doors of theater-goers, and served as movie speakers.  That way I could enjoy the movie while my adults could enjoy it, as well, without my nervous energy distracting and annoying them.  Now there is another generation growing [...]

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Citizen Science at the Library: Science Action Club


Recently, I've had the opportunity to take part in a great program sponsored by the California Academy of Sciences.  It's called the Science Action Club.  There are actually three different modules, or curricula, available - Bug Safari, Bird Scouts, and Cloud Quest.  I was able to receive the training for Bug Safari close to home.  At that training I learned that the last Bird Scouts training was being held the next weekend about four hours away.  I took the day off, got up really early, and took a road trip across the state to a great interactive museum, called the Discovery [...]

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Dissecting Owl Pellets


In our most recent family science program, we featured owl pellet dissection. This allowed for hands on science exploration for youth in grades K-5 with a grownup using tools and resources to mimic scientists in the field. Here’s what we did. Program supplies included hand wipes, tweezers, pencils and plastic jars with lids. We ordered barn owl pellets from a science supplies distributor via Amazon. We learned that barn owl populations are on a decline so we limited our program to use 12 pellets, for a total of 12 children plus their adult caregiver. From previous programs, we had [...]

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