“We are Water” Exhibit Opportunity Announcement


If you are a rural library in the Southwest, consider hosting the We are Water exhibition! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 10th! We are looking for rural public, tribal, or college libraries in counties within the Four Corners Region of the Southwestern United States to host an exhibition about Water in the Four Corners for three months in 2023. Funding by the National Science Foundation enables the exhibition and programming to be delivered at no expense to libraries. Check out pictures of the We are Water exhibit here: https://wearewater.colorado.edu/traveling-exhibition Interested libraries from the following counties are invited to apply! Eligible Counties: [...]

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(Resource List) Our Blue Planet: EARTH


Webinar Link Bank Presenters Claire Ratcliffe Adams Space Science Institute cratcliffe@spacescience.org Dr. Michael Wood NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory mike.wood@jpl.nasa.gov Webinar Recording: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/development/webinars/ Our Blue Planet: Earth Event Page: https://www.starnetlibraries.org/our-planet-earth/ Ocean Activities A Drop in the Bucket: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/activities/629-a-drop-in-the-bucket.html Investigating the Insides: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/astronomy-and-space/192-investigating-the-insides.html Polar Bears Go with the Floes: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/earth-science/24-polar-bears-go-with-the-floes.html Our Blue Planet: EARTH Activity Collection: http://clearinghouse.starnetlibraries.org/177-our-blue-planet-earth NASA Resources Ocean Worlds: Water in the Solar System and Beyond (webpage) Are There Oceans on Other Worlds (video) JPL Earth Science: https://science.jpl.nasa.gov/division/earth-science/ OMG Mission: https://omg.jpl.nasa.gov/portal/ NOAA Sea level rise viewer: https://coast.noaa.gov/slr NASA Scientific Visualization Studio Greenland Ice Flow: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/3962 Science Journal for Kids: https://www.sciencejournalforkids.org/articles/how-is-the-ice-in-greenland-melting/ Free STAR [...]

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