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Paper Spheres: Experimentation with Decoration


Leading up to the holidays, people are often busy buying gifts and decorating their homes.  So, this year, I decided to offer different decorative crafts each week in December.  One of the most popular was the paper spheres.  The craft is simple to do, and only requires strips of paper, a hole punch, and brads (or bent paper clips) to complete.  Being simple in its execution allows for crafters to put their focus on creativity and originality.  They can also make more at home themselves, or as a family activity of they so choose, with a short list of easy to [...]

Paper Spheres: Experimentation with Decoration2017-12-28T21:50:11-07:00

Libraries Step Up as Partners in Annual Celebration of Afterschool Programs!


This year, STAR Net partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to make library-afterschool partnerships a theme for Lights On Afterschool 2017, a nationwide event drawing attention to afterschool programs and their partners, and showing communities why it is important to keep their Lights On. And with nearly 150 registered events featuring a library-afterschool partnership, the voices of libraries were heard nationwide! This year we saw libraries stepping up to show how they provide safe and enriching spaces for youth and families, and the resources they provide to the afterschool programs in their communities. Additionally, we also saw huge support nation-wide for STEM—out [...]

Libraries Step Up as Partners in Annual Celebration of Afterschool Programs!2017-12-28T07:52:03-07:00

THE FARTHEST: Voyager in Space – Available FREE to Libraries!


Following a successful nationwide campaign of free public screenings arranged through the NASA Museum Alliance, and two national public television broadcasts, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios is offering DVDs of “The Farthest” to libraries around the country. This award-winning film about NASA's Voyager missions has been described as “powerful, poetic and cinematic” (Screen Scene), “a stirring salute to human ingenuity” (The Los Angeles Times), and a “dazzling documentary” (The New York Times). It’s an inspiring multi-generational story of science and engineering at their best, and the curiosity that drives us to explore both the universe around us, and our place within it. [...]

THE FARTHEST: Voyager in Space – Available FREE to Libraries!2017-12-27T11:03:21-07:00

When the Sun Goes Dark Featured in the Best of the Year Science Books for Children and Students


The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Press has proudly announced that its children’s book When the Sun Goes Dark by Andrew Fraknoi and Dennis Schatz has been selected as one of the Outstanding Science Trade Books for 2017 by a review panel of teachers and librarians appointed by the Children’s Books Council and NSTA.  Since 1973, an expert panel has chosen the best science books for children and students each year. When the Sun Goes Dark was among 53 books from all publishers honored this year.  The panel described the book this way: “Two curious children create models of solar eclipses [...]

When the Sun Goes Dark Featured in the Best of the Year Science Books for Children and Students2017-12-18T13:43:56-07:00

Coding at the Library


As part of our commitment to digital literacy, Skokie Public Library began offering a drop-in, one-hour coding program twice a month for kids in grades 3-5. The program is intended to expose kids to coding concepts and resources readily available in the library, and to help them create a community of practice where, regardless of skill level, kids are able to help and be helped by peers. We have two main facilitators for the program and host this out in the open of the Youth Department--all the better to attract curious kids who just happen to be in the library on [...]

Coding at the Library2017-12-06T16:08:39-07:00

Optimizing Layering for Program Success


Guest blog by David Janning and Joanna Ritchie (Chula Vista Library, a NASA@ My Library Partner) Street fair outreach event with both a STEAM activity booth and a promotional materials booth Many events you host already include the concept of layering, which typically involves setting up multiple activity stations and staggering main events throughout the length of a program. Layering also enables you to share information and experiences in multiple formats, such as showing a short video at the start of your activity to delve deeper into the content. When hosting an event at your library, it’s best to keep the concept [...]

Optimizing Layering for Program Success2017-12-05T08:25:08-07:00
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