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Community Video Gaming


Video games continue to be a source of community based learning and entertainment for youth and teens at Skokie Public Library. We have embraced this and provide multiple channels for youth and teens to participate either individually or as a group. But we really value group gaming as it supports collaboration, communication, and community, which are key 21st century learning skills. Here are a few community based gaming opportunities our gamers enjoy.   Minecraft Mania Teens play coop video games in The Lab. 21 Mar 2019 Minecraft continues to be the most popular game at SPL. Kids use library [...]

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STEAM Engines: Emmett Chappelle and big, messy Bioluminescence


  Skokie Public Library's February STEAM Engines club, featuring STEAM learning and hands-on activity for kindergarten through second graders, focused on super cool retired scientist Emmett Chappelle. Chappelle had an exciting and varied career, including working with NASA to support their flight initiatives. Perhaps most prominently, he was involved with the Viking 1, the first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars! For the purposes of our program, however, we chose to focus on his work as an exobiologist. Don’t know what that is? We didn’t either! The kids had fun guessing, though. Turns out it’s perhaps not as heart-racingly thrilling as [...]

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Teens Participate in a National Challenge at Public Libraries


by Stephanie Vierow-Fields STAR Net’s Summer of Space in partnership with the Collaborative Summer Learning Program’s A Universe of Stories, invites libraries to participate in a national STEM challenge designed for the hard to reach tween/teen age group. The Northwest Earth and Space Science Pipeline (at the Univ. of Washington, in Seattle) is the lead organization.   As part of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the ANGLeS (Apollo Next Giant Leap Student) Challenge invites teams from fifth grade to high school seniors to build a replica of the lunar lander and use a remote-controlled Blue Heron drone to [...]

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