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Life on Mars: Citizen Science for Upper Elementary


One of my favorite STEM programs combines the awe factor of potentially living on Mars and the positive impact of Citizen Science. This “Life on Mars” program was presented to youth in grades 3-5 at Skokie Public Library and would work well through grade 6. Citizen Science, where the general public contributes to science research, is resurfacing with the help of online platforms--like Zooniverse--that curate various Citizen Science projects to support research in areas like space, climate, social science, and art. Emphasize the importance of Citizen Science to youth in the library: when non-scientists are doing scientific work for the betterment [...]

Life on Mars: Citizen Science for Upper Elementary2016-04-21T09:41:12-06:00

States of Matter: Chemistry Programming for Preschool and Early Elementary


When you put the time into creating a dynamic STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program for youth, it feels like a big bonus to be able to offer modified versions of the program to multiple ages of children. Below is a great example of a program that can be adapted for multiple age groups--and it’s recently field tested, having been facilitated here at Skokie Public Library for both preschoolers (ages 3-5) and kindergarten-2nd grade. Our goal for early childhood STEM programming--which we typically offer under the program titles “Science Club Jr.” (for preschoolers) and “Science Club” (for early elementary)--is to [...]

States of Matter: Chemistry Programming for Preschool and Early Elementary2016-04-11T08:12:03-06:00
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