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STEAM Engines: You Won’t See Me


A conversation about superpowers during a STEAM Engines (Skokie Library's K-2 science club) program on the science of flight culminated in a split vote. Me: flight - I mean COME ON - vs. the kids: invisibility, which naturally meant that our next program would have to be about being invisible. It’s a real bonus when the kids are excited about the subject matter, and to be fair, I was too. As much as I would prefer flying, I have to admit that the ability to scoot around unnoticed would be very cool. I started the program with a picture of floating [...]

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Ocean Acidification


This month’s Be the Scientist program for grades 3-5 focused on a single experiment about ocean acidification. It’s been a little while since we provided a more STEM based program where everyone follows along with specific instructions, but we see the value in exposing youth patrons to the scientific method while also including room for processing observations and debriefing the activity to really drive home specific concepts. Here’s what we did. We started off in true Be the Scientist fashion with a short slide show that welcomed information sharing about oceans and climate change from participants. We also included a video [...]

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Celebrate CSED Week from Dec. 9th-15th!


Computer Science Education Week is an annual program started in 2009 to raise awareness about the growing prevalence of computing in all careers and to underscore the importance of computer science education for people of all ages. It is held every year in December (9th-15th this year) in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906). Libraries, schools, and afterschool programs around the world participate by holding Hour of Code Events, with 29,327 registered events happening in the United States alone! The STAR Net team hosted an “Exploring Space” workshop at the Boulder Computer Science Education Week at Boulder Public Library on Tuesday, [...]

Celebrate CSED Week from Dec. 9th-15th!2019-12-03T09:40:33-07:00
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