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Watercraft Design


Challenge-based programming is well received by multiple age groups at Skokie Public Library. These programs support 21st century learning skills like creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, all skills we’re eager to promote in activities for youth of a variety of ages. In various programs, we have facilitated watercraft design challenges where patrons are presented with a prompt, use limited materials to design and build their watercrafts, and then test them using a small water table. We’ve run this activity several ways, with several age ranges, and in several spaces; here’s a recap of them all, the better to give you [...]

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The Dirt on Soil


This week at the Depot Park, we braved threatening thunderstorms, rain, and high humidity to learn the dirt on soils! Using both fiction and non-fictions books, we introduced the topics of soil, dirt, and mud before studying different types of soil, modeling the concept of percolation, making model soil horizons, and mud painting. Over the two days of the program, we introduced the theme with the books Mud Puddle, by Robert Munsch, and Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud that Changed Baseball, by David A. Kelly. Both adults and kids were astonished to learn that the miracle mud of the story is [...]

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Do You Have Your Solar Eclipse Glasses? Great – Now Try Them Out!


Whether you received eclipse glasses through Space Science Institute (thanks to the generosity and support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Google, NASA, and Research Corporation) or purchased them yourself, now is the time to get outside and try them out! You will feel much more confident in answering the "are you sure these glasses work?" question with a resounding "YES!" when you have already viewed the Sun with them. While viewing the Sun, be on the lookout for sunspots - there was a great pair today! Afterwards, you can use the Solar Vision app to get a close-up, real-time view of what you just saw. With solar viewing, safety [...]

Do You Have Your Solar Eclipse Glasses? Great – Now Try Them Out!2017-07-10T16:27:15-06:00

Have a Cow, Man!


Yesterday, in spite of questionable weather, delays because of a traffic accident, a few minor technology glitches, and high humidity; Kenton County Public Library and the City of Erlanger engaged nearly 200 people in one of our most unique and educational outdoor programs so far this summer! The Southland Dairy Farmers have an educational program-on-wheels called the Mobile Dairy Classroom, and it will come to your school or event (within their service area, which covers several states) for free! The Mobile Classroom is a self-contained fully modern milking station and educational tool, which arrives with a highly knowledgeable dairy farmer/educator, give-aways, and a live [...]

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ALA 2017: Wrap Up and Resources


STAR_Net was in full force at the 2017 American Library Association Annual Conference (June 22-27), promoting #STEMinLib and #Eclipse2017, presenting conference sessions on STEM partnerships and daytime astronomy, and joining NASA for Hyperwall talks. (What is a Hyperwall, you ask? More on that later!) Did you attend one of our presentations or stop by the booth? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you thought. If you were unable to attend, we’ve got you covered with resources and other helpful information! Daytime Astronomy at Your Library A participant of the Daytime Astronomy session displays their Eclipse Chalk [...]

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