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Science on the Fourth of July


Looking for a 4th of July activity that will make your holiday sparkle? Steve Spangler, a nationally renowned television personality, author and science teacher, has compiled a list of some of the most intense and sparkling science experiments and activities that families can do to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day. These activities are sure to draw scientists from every age group by featuring different fields of science to maximize all the wonders and excitement that this national holiday has to offer. Some learning elements found in these experiments include: detecting ultraviolet light; the properties of light, cameras and colors; the properties [...]

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Tumbling Around With Tumblewings and Walking Along With Walkalongs


Do you know how to make a telephone book fly? One page at a time, of course! Kids (and adults, as well) can have a great time learning about air flow, aerodynamics, creative paper engineering, and patience, with nothing more expensive or hard to acquire than an old phone book, a large piece of cardboard, a drinking straw or two, tape, and a pair of scissors.  Oh, yeah, you'll need a large room, as well. The internet offers several different patterns that can be freely printed and used to make tumblewings, also known as walkalong gliders.  Here are a few examples [...]

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Three Little Pigs and the Budding Architects


Skokie Public Library’s experiential learning space, the BOOMbox, focuses on a different STEAM theme every four months, providing tools and inspiration to learn more about a topic through hands on experimentation. While this space is intended for youth, teens, and adults, it is not developmentally appropriate for children younger than kindergarten So, in conjunction with the BOOMbox theme, we offer a STEAM program designed for preschoolers (ages 3-5 with an adult caregiver) every other month. Science Club Jr., as we shared in a previous post, aims to equip youth participants with background knowledge to understand foundational science concepts at a very [...]

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What If? to Oh Cool! The Scientific Method Put to Work Launching Stomp Rockets


      How can  kids use the scientific method to develop better, higher flying paper rockets, or, better yet, shock the administrators on the third floor?  It's easy! For the last several years, I've been doing stomp rocket programs at my library.  Whether it's during summer reading club or in the middle of the school year, it always draws quite an good crowd.  The pre-program preparation requires a fair amount of work, but it's both fun and the results make it worth the effort involved.  Each time I do the program,  I add a bit more experimentation to the kids' activities. [...]

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Week of Making


The following text is from a White House press release on the Week of Making (June 17-23). Libraries are invited to share their plans for the week, and learn more about other Making efforts across the country. The full press release and page to share your ideas is linked at the bottom of this post. "The White House will be celebrating the National Week of Making, June 17 -23. We invite libraries, museums, rec centers, schools, universities and community spaces to support and grow the number of our citizen-makers by hosting events, making commitments, and highlighting new innovations. The week will [...]

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