Looking for a 4th of July activity that will make your holiday sparkle?

Steve Spangler, a nationally renowned television personality, author and science teacher, has compiled a list of some of the most intense and sparkling science experiments and activities that families can do to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.

These activities are sure to draw scientists from every age group by featuring different fields of science to maximize all the wonders and excitement that this national holiday has to offer. Some learning elements found in these experiments include: detecting ultraviolet light; the properties of light, cameras and colors; the properties of prisms with different types and colors of light; and simple chemistry demonstrations that examine the properties of gases and liquids.

Click through the list below, choose your favorites and have a blast!

Red, White, and Blue Soda Geysers

Mentos Super Soda Dispenser 3000

Smoke Bomb Smoke Rings

Dry Ice Smoke Rings 

Revealing UV with Color-Changing Beads

Defraction Grading with Fireworks Rainbow Glasses

The Flashing, Color Mixing White Lightning Stick

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Credit: Steve Spangler Science