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STEM Learning in the Library


This month I had the opportunity to participate in the Working Group on Partnerships for Middle School and STEM Learning with the Urban Libraries Council. Professional Development Coordinator Keliann LaConte and Education Coordinator Brooks Mitchell, both team members for the STAR_Net program, were also in attendance where we discussed our views of STEM learning in libraries and how we can develop intentional, sustainable, and strategic partnerships within communities. Here are some key takeaways. How libraries define STEM varies but what the majority of us agreed on is that STEM learning includes fostering curiosity through hands-on learning that leads to active and [...]

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Calling All STAR net Libraries: Help NASA Make a Better World Land Map!


NASA needs your help photographing your local landscape through the new Land Cover tool in GLOBE Observer (GO). Why? One reason is to fill in details of the landscape that are too small for global land-mapping satellites to see. Land cover is critical to many different processes on Earth and contributes to a community’s vulnerability to disasters like fire, floods or landslides. Read more at GO Land Cover kicked off with a challenge to map as much land as possible between Sept. 22, Public Lands Day, and Oct. 1, NASA’s 60th anniversary. Could you help by using the app to [...]

Calling All STAR net Libraries: Help NASA Make a Better World Land Map!2018-09-26T13:58:32-06:00

Making and Information Literacy


Guest post by Heather Moorefield-Lang Information Literacy Information Literacy, as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (2000), is the ability to know when information is needed as well as locate, evaluate, and use that information effectively. Information literacy typically has six steps (ACRL, 2000). Determine the type of information needed Accessing the needed information Evaluating found information critically Integrating new knowledge Use information effectively for the given task Knowing or understanding the legal and/or social issues involved with using the knowledge. In other words, using found information ethically. The idea behind information literacy was originally focused on institutes [...]

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Libraries to Shine During Lights On Afterschool 2018


Guest post by Afterschool Alliance staff All across America, afterschool programs love their libraries! According to a 2017 study of more than 350 afterschool programs, nearly three-quarters reported that they were working with their local public library in diverse ways, from literacy initiatives to book lending programs and STEM activities. Those informal learning relationships deserve to be featured, and that’s why “Library Partnerships” is a theme of this year’s Lights On Afterschool—the only nationwide celebration of afterschool programs, annually featuring more than 8K events and 1M participants across the country. If you’re not already in partnership with an afterschool program, it can be difficult to [...]

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