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Hosting The Discover NASA Exhibit: Part 1. How We Started


A Guest Post by Nicole Steele/Slover Library After the initial euphoria of being selected to host Discover NASA: From Our Town to Outer Space had settled down a little bit, it was time to face facts. Now that we were going to get the exhibit, we had to actually flesh out not only the programming, but the partnerships that would allow us to provide that programming. We began where you might expect. We enlisted staff, current community partners, family and friends, to help develop a contact list of not only potential partners, but organizations and individuals in the community we thought [...]

Hosting The Discover NASA Exhibit: Part 1. How We Started2016-12-22T13:38:17-07:00

DNA Extraction from Cheek Cells


We know that hands-on experimentation often leads to more meaningful learner engagement and a deeper understanding of concepts. We recently facilitated a catchy yet easy-to-execute experiment during drop-in hours in the BOOMbox, Skokie Public Library’s STEAM learning space. Our experiment: human DNA extraction. While DNA extraction may seem daunting, this experiment is relatively simple and uses inexpensive household items. And we were even able to complete the experiment without a sink! We used an experiment from NOVA as our starting point--it has a teacher resource sheet in addition to the printable experiment. Read the full experiment linked here for the step-by-step [...]

DNA Extraction from Cheek Cells2016-12-15T11:39:20-07:00

Family Coding at Fayetteville Free Library


By Stephanie Prato Director of Play to Learn Services Fayetteville Free Library At the Fayetteville Free Library (FFL) we are working to offer coding opportunities for all ages through the public library’s informal learning platform. We introduce young children to programming logic, we teach elementary and middle school children coding languages, and we support adults in skill building and career shifts. Normally we break up our participants by grade: kindergarten through second graders, third through fifth graders, teens, and adults. However, we recently decided to try a multi-age “Family Coding” program. Family coding is advertised for parents and their children, and [...]

Family Coding at Fayetteville Free Library2016-12-14T12:45:34-07:00

Learning the Colors With Wizard’s Brew and Picture Books


Recently, I got the opportunity to fill in at another branch and do the preschool story times there while their children's librarian was out for several weeks.  It was great!  I had a wonderful time planning and presenting preschool storytime again after doing mostly school-aged programs for the last several years. One storytime the kids and parents really enjoyed was focused on the colors and how they mix to create new colors.   I used the books Press Here and Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet.  As I read the book, I let each of the children in attendance that day (It was a [...]

Learning the Colors With Wizard’s Brew and Picture Books2016-12-13T15:34:27-07:00

Go (Igo, Baduk, ) for Kids? You Bet!!


             What is Go?  Well, besides being one of the words in the dictionary with a ridiculous number of definitions, it is the American name for the oldest board game in the world still being played in its original form and using the same rules devised over 2,000 years ago. By comparison, the rules of chess were finally established a mere 200 or so years ago.  Go is also considered to be the world's oldest game of mental skill.             Unlike chess, which has six different kinds of pieces, which move and [...]

Go (Igo, Baduk, ) for Kids? You Bet!!2016-12-07T17:58:54-07:00
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