Over the course of several years, Project BUILD team members and partner libraries have developed a wide range of resources to support library staff that are interested in developing, promoting, and facilitating engineering programs in their library.  We’ve categorized these resources into separate groups and listed them out here (some may appear more than once). We hope that you will utilize or feel inspired by them as you bring engineering learning experiences to your library patrons!

The Haitian-Creole translated materials were developed in partnership with the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Broward County, Florida.

The materials in Spanish were developed through a two-step process. First, they were translated in-house by a Project BUILD team member. Next, they were reviewed and edited by a professional Spanish translator. The Spanish language is not uniform; there are many dialects and styles of Spanish spoken throughout the world. It is our hope that these Spanish translations will be accessible by many different Spanish-speaking learners from different backgrounds. If you have feedback or thoughts on these translations, please contact us!

Program Promotion

These promotional flyers were created by Project BUILD libraries to promote their engineering programs. Feel free to base your own design on or be inspired by these!

Program Signage

These Project BUILD signs have common a theme and design and can be hung in your library for use in program, or alternatively, used as a background or resource for a virtual program! The Project BUILD overview poster is designed for adults and provides information about the project.

Facilitation Materials

These resources are designed to be used by learners within an engineering program. The activity station signs, developed by Anchorage Public Library (Alaska), are a supplementary resource to the actual activities, which can be found on the STEM Activity Clearinghouse and are listed on the Project BUILD homepage. The activity station signs can be utilized for a more passive, unfacilitated learning experience.

Translated Materials (All)


These short videos can be shown before, during, or after your engineer programs.