Closing the Gender Gap: Developing Gender Equitable STEAM Programs

Webinar Resources

Contact: Claire Ratcliffe ( for questions

Guest Presenters:

Niki Becker

STEM Specialist, Twin Cities PBS STEM Media and Education

Kristin Pederson

Senior Director, Twin Cities PBS STEM Media and Education

STEM Project Development and Communications

Keliann LaConte

Principle Investigator, STEAM Equity project

Professional Development Manager, STAR Net/Space Science Institute

SciGirls Resources:

· SciGirls Connect –

· SciGirls Strategies: Engaging Girls in STEM –

· Tips for Using the SciGirls Strategies –

· Latina SciGirls –

· Engaging Latino Families Guide (English) –

· Engaging Latino Families Guide (Spanish) –

· The Gender Gap in STEM: What the Research Shows –

· Additional Gender Equity Resources –

· SciGirls PBS Kids website: www.pbskids/scigirls

Activity Resources

· STEM Activity Clearinghouse –

· Be Your STEAM Self Clearinghouse Collection –

· Be a Creative Problem Solver Clearinghouse Collection –

· Be Curious Clearinghouse Collection –

· Girl Powered Clearinghouse Collection –

· Parachute Parade –

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