The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch in December 2021. This launch is a great opportunity for you to engage your patrons with an exciting new NASA science mission!

To help you program for this once-in-a-lifetime event, we put together a digital STEAM Activity Toolkit as part of the NASA@ My Library Look Up! Explore Our Universe campaign containing five ready-to-deploy hands-on activities related to the science behind NASA’s new space telescope mission. Each activity has been selected to be low-cost, adaptable, and fun for you and your patrons!

This digital toolkit includes blog posts here on to help program facilitators with additional information on the tools and concepts involved in running these five . Each blog post contains:

  • Links to the activities on STAR Net’s STEM Activity Clearinghouse where you can find book lists, how-to-videos, shopping and preparation lists, and more
  • Shopping and preparation lists include instructions on how to prepare activities for on-site or outreach evens, virtual programming, and or as a take-and-make kit
  • Details on the activity including age appropriateness, cost, and time to complete the activity
  • Information and additional links to help familiarize yourself with the science and concepts covered in the hands-on activity
  • Links to video resources related to the activity for yourself and to share with your patrons

Check out the toolkit blog entries below and explore the Look Up! Explore Our Universe collection on the STEM Activity Clearinghouse for even more activities related to the new telescope mission!

The Expanding Universe: Playing With Time

Make a Pinwheel Galaxy

Sorting Games: How Big? How Far? How Hot?

Life Cycle of a Massive Star

Mission to Space Board Game