Provided by the GSAWN Team

The Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA (GSAWN) project within NASA’s Universe of Learning empowers libraries and community-based organizations to engage girls and their families in exploring the wonders of NASA science and celebrate the contributions of women to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). This Program Cookbook is designed to guide you as you create your own Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event using NASA’s Universe of Learning resources.

Like any typical cookbook, this Program Cookbook includes “recipes” for events, ordered by topic. For each topic, the following sections are provided:

  • menu of activities and resources related to the topic;
  • background resources on the topic;
  • sample event scenarios;
  • adaptations for different audiences and tips for extensions; and
  • planning worksheet to develop your own event scenario.

Depending on your comfort level with astrophysics topics, you can use a sample event scenario exactly as outlined in the Cookbook. Sample scripts have been provided to help you “talk” through your event. As you get more comfortable with these resources, you can then use the “Menu of Activities and Resources” and planning worksheet to tailor your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event for your audience’s needs.

The GSAWN team is ready to assist you in developing your event. Reach out to them at for guidance on NASA’s Universe of Learning resources, to be connected with a NASA Subject Matter Experts (e.g., scientists, engineers, STEM professionals) for your GSAWN event, to access to available exhibit materials, and much more.