Request a virtual chat with NASA’s Artemis Team!!  Artemis Program engineers, managers and communicators are available for a limited number of virtual events during the months of June, July, August and September. You may request a private virtual chat for an in person/virtual summer program or a publicly streamed event on your institution’s Facebook or YouTube page.


The virtual chats must take place Monday – Friday during business hours, 9:00-5:00 Central.  Each live event may last up to 60 minutes and are perfect for summer camps and special events. Virtual Events are limited to one per institution and must have a minimum audience of 30.


All requests must be received by COB June 4th and be no less than 14 days in advance of event date.  My calendar fills quickly so please email your request as soon as possible.


Requests are first come first serve and are scheduled individually based on the availability of the institution and the NASA guest speaker.  Each email request is time stamped and will be responded to and scheduled in the order received.  Please answer the questions at the bottom of the email in your email request to .  Only completed requests will be considered.


I will be on personal leave or work travel June 10-11, June 17-28, July 2-5, July 15-20, and Aug. 30-Sept 7 and will not be able to coordinate and support events on those dates.  If your camp/program falls on one of these dates, please consider requesting a free virtual speaker through NASA’s Speaker Bureau.


If I can’t find an available engineer or scientist that is an appropriate fit for your audience age, I will be your guest speaker. I will act as the speaker for a large number of events this summer.  If an engineer/scientist is available and appropriate for your audience, I will act as their “speaker handler” and attend the event in a supportive role.


Please note that publicly streamed events on Facebook and YouTube take a greater deal of coordination and will require greater tech capability on the intuition’s side.  I will help coordinate and answer technical questions for those who are interested.  Please email for connectivity questions.


Choose one – Private Event OR a Publicly Streamed Event on Facebook, YouTube or other Social Platform

Connection Method/Platform:  Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Skype, Stream Yard, Go to Meeting, Google Hangout, Other

Name of Institution:

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