Celebrate Science and Women’s History Month with NASA Science Education Partners

Guest Post By Bonnie Meinke / Space Telescope Science Institute

Help your community explore the wonders of NASA science, and celebrate the contribution of women to STEM! Libraries will have the opportunity to host events related to NASA’s scientific explorations of the universe beginning in March for Women’s History Month.

NASA’s Universe of Learning astronomy education program is celebrating National Women’s History Month with the expanded Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA project (formerly the NASA Science4Girls and Their Families initiative).  Libraries are encouraged to partner with NASA’s Universe of Learning science education program throughout the spring to empower women’s success – especially in science – starting from when they are young. Over the last 5 years, the pilot initiative NASA Science4Girls and Their Families was successfully introduced into over 70 libraries nationwide.  This year, we hope to expand our reach to your library and the girls who visit. These types of events are open to all family members, regardless of gender, but focus on engaging girls in science using field-tested, hands-on activities.

The first events for Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA kick off during Women’s History Month in March, but can be held anytime during the spring/summer.  That means it’s time to start planning!   If you would like to participate or are considering participating this year, please sign up via surveymonkey by February 21. Sign up to access programming resources such as coding workshops, astronomy exhibits, hands-on astronomy activities, and discussions with NASA scientists and engineers.

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