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A few weeks ago,  I came across a very interesting online store, the Carnivorous Plant Nursery.

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Their focus, shockingly, is on propagating and selling carnivorous plants from all over the world.  But they also believe in education and helping educators of all kinds.  To this end, they have a “Free Stuff” page on their website.  There I found a printable, color and cut flip book of a Venus flytrap eating a fly.  There are coloring pages of a Venus flytrap about to eat an insect, and a sundew with a trapped fly and spider.  For those who are experiment oriented, there is a worksheet for experimenting with the closing speed of a flytrap trap.  There’s both a pdf and video link for creating an origami Venus flytrap.  And, really, really cool, they offer free sundew cuttings to formal and informal educators to use in programming about plant leaf propagation.  All you have to do is pay the shipping.  I think that’s a great deal, and an opportunity to introduce children to both a fascinating aspect of plant life, and a lesser known and appreciated group of plants.  I’m hoping to take advantage of this offer once the attendance for my crafternoon programs builds up again.  I hope others can also take advantage of this great opportunity!



Here is the link to The Carnivorous Plant Nursery Free Stuff page.

If you have a green thumb, and would like to check out their website, their home page is here.