NASA Subject Matter Expert (SME) Videos to Share with Your Patrons!

If you've attended a STAR Net webinar, workshop, or other training event, you may have heard our team talk about the importance of introducing your patrons to subject matter experts (SMEs), such as engineers, scientists, technicians, and more. SMEs can inspire your patrons and take the burden of "content knowledge" off of library staff. Patrons that do

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Resource Guide: Black Lives in Astronomy

"Black Lives in Astronomy," a new 8-page resource guide by astronomer/educator Andrew Fraknoi, includes written and video resources about and by 25 black astronomers, as well as general materials to examine the history and issues facing black members of the astronomical community. Both older, established scientists and people early in their careers are covered. It

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STEAM From Home: Soap Magic

Like everyone else, the question of connection looms large during this pandemic. Connection with patrons, connecting ideas - how to provide these meaningful experiences remotely? Especially STEAM for a young audience. When so much of the learning is experiential, how can we can reach our patrons? I have a glass half full (depending on the

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Resources for “STEAM for Everyone”; CAL’s Power & Privilege at Play Conference (7.17.20)

Hi everyone! This is a quick resource list for the presentation, "STEAM for Everyone: A Stepping Stone Approach to Overcoming Barriers to Access," taking place through the Colorado Association of Library's  Power and Privilege at Play: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity in the Library virtual conference on July 17, 2020. High Plains Library District  Greeley Rodarte Center Follow

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Enough Space For Us All

Image credit: The Planetary Society I often have people come up to me after presentations to ask how they can be more involved. It is a great question, and there are so many great answers. First of all there are membership organizations. These are usually annual memberships with an associated fee, and options such as

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2020 Community Cloud Challenge

Join the NASA GLOBE 2020 Community Cloud Challenge! Whether your library programs have gone virtual, curbside, or you’re able to host in-person events, you can invite your patrons to discover clouds from a new perspective. We all share the same sky with a wide variety of clouds in it. This is unique opportunity to learn

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Resources for “Take Your Patrons to Mars” Webinar (7.7.20)

Link Bank for Take Your Patrons to Mars Webinar – 7 July 2020 Presenters: Brooks Mitchell and Claire Ratcliffe (STAR Net), Christine Shupla, Sha’Rell Webb, and Dr. Candice Bedford (Lunar and Planetary Institute) Contact: Brooks Mitchell ( or Christine Shupla ( for questions. Description: NASA is about to launch the Mars 2020 mission – and now

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Resource List for 6.18.20 Webinar: Virtual Night Sky Programs for “Imagine Your Story”

Hi everyone! This blog is a list of resources for our June 18, 2020 webinar, "Virtual Night Sky Programs for 'Imagine Your Story'” - you can find out more information about the webinar here.  Presenters: Brooks Mitchell (STAR Net), Christine Shupla and Sha’Rell Webb (Lunar and Planetary Institute), Belinda Calvillo and Liliana Alonso [with Sofia] (Pasadena

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(Resource List) STAR Net’s STEAM Equity Project Pre-Application Webinar

Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us on June 16, 2020 for STAR Net’s STEAM Equity Project Pre-Application Webinar. This blog post will provide more information on this grant opportunity, as well as links to the webinar recording, webinar slides, chat trancript, and resources discussed during the webinar. This webinar covered a new

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Resource List for “Virtual Programs 101: Behind the Scenes with STAR Net”

Hi everyone! We're trying something new for tomorrow's webinar: instead of a PDF, we're turning our "Link Bank" into a Blog Post! That way, we can edit the list and add resources that are brought up during the webinar! We can also use this as a place to post webinar follow-ups. It's just a "test

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