Curiosity Rover’s Adventure on Mars

Patrons code a programmable toy vehicle, such as the Code & Go Robot Mouse, to travel to different waypoints on a 4’ x 5′ vinyl map of Mars, while learning about NASA’s Curiosity Rover and its mission to Mars.

Facilitation Guide

Facilitation Guide Cover

4′ x 5′ Vinyl Mars Map

Mars Map

Guide Printouts

Guide Printouts

Mission Plan Map

Mars Map Purchase Request

To purchase professionally printed copies of the 4′ x 5′ Vinyl Mars Map, complete the request form below and our designated printer (Seattle Design & Print) will contact you to finalize your order.

Note: The STAR Library Network is only providing this printer as a resource and is not involved in any of the purchase transactions so all order-related inquiries should be directed to Seattle Design & Print at 206-535-7955.

    About the Product:
    This map is produced on a 13 oz. vinyl material and is hemmed to provide extra strength and durability. Test prints have been produced for STAR Net to assure color and image quality. The estimated cost for each Mars Map is $75.00 (plus shipping). Price breaks for multiple prints may be available.

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