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I was really grateful to see that [STAR_Net Activities] were such a robust, well thought out, nicely designed curriculum. It’s truly discovery-based. This curriculum is very hands-on and it’s very inexpensive. The project has been fantastic.
Library Staff Member, Boulder Public Library
Having hands-on things in the library is the way things are moving and need to move, and will happen more and more. Having that opportunity to interact and play with something and investigate something new, I think really gives the books more meaning.
Library Staff Member, Public Library
Providing the Discover Earth exhibit to the community has widened our staff and patrons’ definition of what a library can and should be.
Carol Probeyahn, East Meadow Library

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Little Makers: Dinosaur Dig!

In this session we got to be paleontologists and explore the concepts of dinosaurs and fossils.

Prep Before the Program: There is about 1-2 hours worth of prep to do before this program. I used the following recipe to make the dinosaur fossils for excavation, prior to the program, so they would be hard enough to chip away at.

During the Program: We started out by reading Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton. We learned that a paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils, and that fossils are the rock-like remains of ancient animals and plants. Then we read parts of Fossils (Science Matters) by Megan Lappi. We looked at pictures of real fossils and did some guessing about how old they were. Our first activity was to act as paleontologists and excavate our buried dinos.

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