Look Up! Featured Activity – Make a Pinwheel Galaxy 


Celebrate the upcoming launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope using a new Toolkit of five interactive activities. This month’s featured activity is Make a Pinwheel Galaxy   Patrons design, cut-out, and assemble their own pinwheel galaxy in a fun STEAM craft!  Facilitate this activity at your library or print out the template and provide the craft materials for a Take & Make activity.   Time to complete: 10-20 minutes  Ages: 4 years and up, with teen or adult supervision.   Total cost:  $1-5  Fundamental Space Science Concepts – How Pinwheel Galaxy relates to JWST:  The Pinwheel Galaxy activity introduces the concept of a galaxy to patrons. Powerful telescopes study galaxies, including the first galaxies forming near [...]

Look Up! Featured Activity – Make a Pinwheel Galaxy 2021-08-17T10:32:57-06:00

An Even Briefer History of Time – Time, Deep Time, and The Enormity of Space


--This is the full version of an article that originally appeared in the Anythink Library System Newspaper-- Have you ever noticed that the older you get; the more time seems to fly? When you were four years old, desperately waiting for your family vacation, it seemed like it would never come. And once you got there, it seemed like you were there for almost forever. Now, the wait for that same trip may seem like there's not enough time to even pack, and once you’re there, it’s over in an instant. In everyday life, this phenomenon is just a matter of [...]

An Even Briefer History of Time – Time, Deep Time, and The Enormity of Space2016-05-09T12:47:33-06:00
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