Community Water Connections in the Four Corners Region

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We are Water brings a traveling exhibit and interactive programs to rural, Latinx, and Indigenous communities in the Four Corners Region of the U.S. and engages community members in conversations about their personal and community connections to local water topics. Libraries in rural areas, which often function as the local science center, will host the exhibit, programs, and STEM experiences in their communities.

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We Are Water Collection


Engage your community in water-related topics through hands-on learning. Visit the We Are Water collection on the STAR Net STEM Activity Clearinghouse for programming ideas.

We Are Water Collection

A Changing Landscape

The presence or scarcity of water impacts the landscape of a community – environmentally, socially, and economically. Check out the photo collection below to explore how the Four Corners Region has changed over time. Create a free Historypin account to add historical photos of your own, or submit them to to be added to the collection.


The  We are Water  exhibit and programs are currently under development. The exhibit will travel to rural and tribal libraries in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah starting in 2022.

We are Water  springs from an exciting collaboration between scientists, Indigenous science educators, learning researchers, informal educators, and library staff. Designed for communities in the Four Corners Region, in particular Indigenous and Latinx communities, stories and community voices will be highlighted features and woven throughout the exhibit and programs.

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Through experiences with We are Water, communities will explore their shared watershed and local ecosystems, and connect with neighbors through their common and unique experiences with water in the region. We hope individuals, families, and communities will share their memories and stories about water, and come together to imagine a future they want for their communities.

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