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Community Dialogues to Support Equitable Programming, Access, and Action in YOUR Library

Community Dialogues are informal conversations with your community leaders and members that aim to uncover disparities in participation, identify new partnership opportunities, and begin planning for collaborative and creative solutions to equity concerns in your library and community. This interactive webinar will include a brief description of Dialogues and available resources, with most of the hour devoted to an open mic where you can ask questions and “dialogue about dialogue” with other library staff, including those who have led successful Dialogue programs. Prior to the webinar, please consider jotting down some thoughts about the following questions:

1) What audiences in my community are not making full use of library resources?
2) How does my library provide equitable and relevant programming for diverse audience segments? (Latinx, LGBTQ, Homeless populations, etc.)
3) Who in my community has the ear of the groups we wish to serve better?
4) Who are my go-to partners who could help plan and implement a Community Dialogue?

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