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Citizen Science Month (and Beyond!) at Your Library

Citizen science can open up a world of free STEAM learning opportunities for library patrons. From identifying butterflies to measuring light pollution, citizen science offers unique ways to engage every patron and allow them to contribute to the greater scientific community. With welcoming environments and equitable access to resources, libraries can serve as a central hub for citizen science in their communities! The STAR Library Network (STAR Net) is excited to showcase impactful STEAM learning opportunities that put a focus on the Earth, such as citizen science, in 2020.

With support from the National Library of Medicine and based on feedback from the Citizen Science Association’s “Citizen Science Day” working group, SciStarter and Arizona State University are pleased to announce “Citizen Science Month” (April 2020)! Watch this webinar to discover how you can access many free resources to help introduce, shape, or support citizen science in your library.

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