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Explore NASA Science, and Celebrate Women in STEM

Every year, libraries have the opportunity to host Women’s History month events related to NASA’s scientific explorations of the universe. Using a suite of resources from NASA’s Universe of Learning, you can host your own Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event to celebrate and highlight the contributions of women to astronomy. These events are intended to be open to all family members, regardless of gender, but focus on engaging girls in science using field-tested, hands-on activities. Also, events can be held in March or any time during the year. Some event components could include:

  • Showcasing Women in STEM posters, with suggested reading
  • Facilitating a NASA Universe of Learning hands-on activity, paired with a STEM KIT
  • Inviting NASA scientists or engineers to talk about the latest discoveries
  • Hosting an exhibit with freely available print materials
  • And more (or less) depending on your needs and constraints

Your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event will be a great kick-off for other Women’s History Month activities that you organize. To learn more or to participate, please contact:

Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA
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Your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Event is Completely Customizable

Libraries and community-based organizations are invited to collaborate with the NASA’s Universe of Learning informal education program and partners to empower women’s success—especially in science—starting when they are young. Through Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA, venues may host events, work with subject matter experts, and display exhibits.

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STAR Net Webinar Series

Libraries Helping Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA

In this webinar we will introduce you to Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA, discuss how to build girl-engagement into your programming, and demonstrate hands-on activities that use real astronomical observations in the ways that real astronomers do. We will also connect you to a suite of support materials, such as exhibits, activities, and even some posters inspired by the women depicted in the hit film Hidden Figures.

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Libraries Helping Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA
Universe of Learning Logo

NASA’s Universe of Learning

NASA’s Universe of Learning is guided by NASA’s big questions for astrophysics. The needs of our audiences inform the development of every product and program. The NASA’s Universe of Learning team is able to uniquely engage youth, families, and lifelong learners in the science, the story, and the adventure of NASA’s scientific explorations of the universe.

NASA's Universe of Learning Partners
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Programming Resources

You can customize and tailor your Girls STEAM ahead with NASA event by choosing a variety of resources from NASA’s Universe of Learning, NASA Wavelength, and other collections of resources. Explore your options below, which range from hosting an exhibit, facilitating hands-on activities for your targeted audience, and other printable materials. A few Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA resources are detailed below, but you can see a complete list in this summary document. 

STAR Net also provides a large collection of hands-on activities, including “girl-powered” activities that you can find on its STEM Activity Clearinghouse.

To learn more or to participate, please contact:

GSAWN Activities

NASA’s Astrophoto Challenge
Recoloring the Universe
The Expanded Universe
3D Printing/X-Ray Universe
Paper Circuits
Additional Activities

STEAM Activities

Girl-Powered Activities
NASA Wavelength
NASA Space Place
Night Sky Network
Astronomy Society of the Pacific
Additional Resources

Printable Materials

Women in STEM Posters
Women of Color Posters
Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters
Astrolympics Posters
Stars Resource Guide
Additional Resources

Additional Resources


View Space
Eyes on Exoplanets
Universe Unplugged
Science Briefings
Additional Resources

Website Links

Women’s History Month
Women at NASA
Women in High Energy
Girl Scouts: Stars
PBS SciGirls
NASA Science Mission Directorate

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