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Constellations: Science and Stories in the Sky

Summer is the finest part of the year for stargazing because it offers warm nights and the beauty of the Milky Way running straight overhead. The constellations we see have been passed down to us across generations with patterns that reflect different stories from around the world.

As part of STAR Net‘s Sky Stories campaign, the American Museum of Natural History’s own Carter Emmart demonstrated how to identify the constellations and introduce you to a few of these stories while exploring some of the science behind the familiar patterns in the sky.

This live OpenSpace webcast was brought to you by the STAR Library Network’s NASA@ My Library program in partnership with the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the American Library Association, and the American Museum of Natural History.

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The Presenter

Ask An Astronomer

During the live webcast, library patrons were able to interact with an American Museum of Natural History scientist by asking questions (using the chat feature) that relate to constellations.

The Participating Scientist:
– Dr. Jackie Faherty: Senior Scientist and Senior Education Manager, AMNH

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Sky Tellers: Myths, Magic & Mysteries

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Note: Libraries can use the videos in their live or recorded programs, but they can’t place the videos (or their recorded program using the videos) on a public website.

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