Look Up! Explore Our Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope Mission

Look Up! Explore Our Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope Mission The ever-expanding Universe is full of awe-inspiring phenomena, and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is NASA’s next great space science observatory setting out to discover the mysteries of our solar system! Join STAR Net, NASA’s Universe of Learning, and Project Scientist Dr. Alexandra Lockwood to learn about how the JWST, launching in October 2021, will be searching for distant worlds around other stars and probing the mystifying structures and origins of the Universe. Learn about how you can use the JWST launch to captivate and inspire your patrons and engage your community in some of humanity’s biggest questions: How does the Universe work? How did we [...]

2021 ALA Annual Conference

Visit Conference Website For More Information   2021 Annual Conference & Exhibition - Virtual An online event with educational programming, special author events, and networking. What You Can Expect: Educational programming Memorable and inspiring Featured Speakers COVID-19 information for libraries Live chats with authors Livestreamed presentations The Library Marketplace with more than 500 participating exhibitors Leading authors Networking opportunities LibrariesTransform® and a focus on the future

Int’l Observe the Moon Night

Visit Our Event Campaign Page   Encouraging Observation, Appreciation and Understanding International Observe the Moon Night is a worldwide, public celebration of lunar science and exploration held annually since 2010. On October 16, 2021, your library is invited to join this world-wide celebration by hosting an event on one day each year to look at and learn about our Moon together. International Observe the Moon Night is usually held in the fall, when the Moon is around first quarter. Fall in the Northern Hemisphere is generally a good time, because of school schedules and the weather, and a first quarter Moon is visible [...]

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