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Take Your Patrons to Mars

NASA is about to launch the Mars 2020 mission – and now is the time to get your patrons excited! The Perseverance rover will launch between July 30-August 15, 2020, and will land on Mars in February 2021. Invite your patrons to participate in its journey! Hear from NASA Mars scientists, learn some activities you can conduct online or in-person, and make plans to hold your own virtual (or in-person) launch or landing parties!

During this webinar, we’ll be joined by Dr. Candice Bedford, who studies sedimentary and volcanic processes that provide insight into the ancient and modern geology of Mars. She is a collaborator on the Mars Curiosity Rover’s CheMin instrument, and a member of the SAND-E Mars analog mission science team. Her research has taken her to Mars analog sites in Iceland to participate in the SAND-E rover field trials.

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