Have you ever wanted to name your own exo world? Well now you have the chance. Exoplanets belonging to a list of 305 well-characterised exoplanets, discovers prior to December 31st, 2008, and their host stars. The date refers to the date of submissionto a refereed journal. Many exoplanets discovered after this date require confirmation or are incompletly characterised. 

These systems have been selected for naming by the IAU Working Group Exoplanets for the Public, and are published on the NameExoWorlds website.Only public astronomical organisations (such as Planetariums, Science Centres, Amateur Astronomy Clubs, Online Astronomy platforms) or non-profit astronomy-interested organisations (such as High schools, Cultural clubs) with a proven interest in astronomy, (hereafter “organisations” for short) based in any country, shall be allowed to propose names.

Proposed names should be:

  • 16 characters or less in length.
  • Preferably one word.
  • Pronounceable (in some language)
  • Non-offensive
  • not too similar to an existing name of an astronomical object. 
  • For more information on naming an exoplanet click here!