The purpose of the STAR_Net online community is to support STEM learning in public libraries by providing a place where library staff, STEM professionals, and others can:

  • Share information
  • Find resources and partners for program development
  • And explore best practices for providing quality STEM programming

Anyone may access this site and download resources. But if you want to add comments to blogs and participate in forums, you need register and become a member.

Visitors to this site who are interested in supporting STEM programs in libraries may add a listing to the directory for their organizations and services. We hope the directory becomes a means for libraries to find STEM professionals who are interested in partnering with them to develop quality STEM programs. And once those partnerships are formed and programs are implemented, we want to hear about them. Please share your experiences, resources, and lessons learned with the community.

As part of the STAR_Net project, which is bringing science-technology activities and resources to public libraries, we’ve developed many hands-on activities and resources for young children up to adults. The content of these activities has been vetted by STEM professionals and then tested in library environments. You can find them on our Resources page. We’re also collecting education resources from other providers on that page, as well as a page with Links to more resources and organizations.

We are inviting a number of professionals from libraries and various STEM and education fields to contribute blog posts and add to the conversation. If you’d like to add a post, please contact me.

This site has pages for a Gallery and Stories where we will highlight STEM programs in libraries around the country. Your story could provide inspiration for others who are considering adding STEM activities to a library’s programs for its patrons. So please contact us and pass along photos and stories.

And finally, we want to make this site as useful as possible to its members. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

— Lisa Curtis