Are you constantly hearing about new applications for your iOS or android device, but are finding it figure out which ones are worth downloading and which are not?

While, my library does not have iPads or tablets that I can use in programs, I do bring in my own personal one that I use during my story time sessions and special programs. I also use the iPad to have kids – especially teens – sign in. It starts the program off with the kids already knowing that something different is going to happen today.

The American Association for School Libraries has on their website, the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning which is updated annually.

You can also visit Edudemic: Connection Education & Technology’s 8 Great STEM Apps for Younger Students for more information

Whether you are using your tablet or smart phone to enhance their story times through having an interactive story played or an electronic story time, apps can also be used to introduce children to learning about programming and for this blog, what I want to focus on are coding apps for children.

These apps include the following:

Kodable introduces children to learning about logic and concept. The application is only available at this moment through an iPad and anyone can download a free version to test the product out. The app can run up to $200 per year for up to 100 students; however, if you are in a small library, there is a free plan for up to 25 students and a $60 per year plan for up to 50 students.

Another coding app, is Scratch Jr. which is also only available on the iPad. This app is 100% free and is perfect for children ages 5-7 who might be still getting comfortable to using apps for the iO7. Scratch Jr. is created by the same makers of Scratch which can be used online. Scratch is geared towards slightly older children; however, both Scratch and Scratch Jr. have free curriculum materials.

Another coding app for kids is Hopscotch which like Scratch Jr. is completely free. This app enables children the ability to create their own games from their iPad.

So, if you are thinking about starting your own Technology or Coding Club and are unsure about the interest your community may have, you can start of small by using these apps in your library now within your programs.