Customizing Kits

There are so many STEM educational sets available commercially – how to choose? Here are some resources from the education field to consider in making your own purchasing decisions:

Purdue University
Access the 2018 Engineering Gift Guide from Purdue University, filled with fun toys, games, books, and applications to engage girls and boys ages 3-18 in engineering thinking and design.
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University of Wyoming Learning Resource Center
Access resources for teaching and exploring a variety of STEM educational technologies.
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We choose the [STEM programming] kits based on the following criteria:
• ease of use (people who don’t think of themselves as STEM-minded could use the kits and confidently put on a library program)
• durability
• difficulty for our libraries to obtain the items in the kit (either it is too expensive or in some cases the supplies are too difficult to get for our rural libraries)
Hope Decker, Member Library Liason - Pioneer LIbrary System, New York