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Please use this wiki to provide information for partnership opportunities that you would like to share. Note: You must login to your STAR Net account to edit this wiki.

  • *We didn’t have great relationships with our community organizations, but signed up for the Earth Day Community Dialogue event and decided to conduct a virtual one. It was really great just to hear what others were doing, and how we could combine efforts. We’ve made wifi maps, have distribution sites for summer reading, and even got some new volunteers!


  • *We’ve been working with Parks and Rec for outdoor activities (like “Bear in the Window” or Story-Walks), they were able to provide some materials to us.


  • *We’ve been coordinating with the food bank to get books to the families who use that service. We’re letting them hold onto them until we re-open.


  • Working with the Solar System Ambassadors gave us the opportunity to host a Subject Matter Expert even though we are all still at home!