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Adult Programs in the Library
Brett W. Lear, American Library Association, 2012, ISBN 0838911404
Programming is an important means of not only drawing new people to the library but also better serving existing patrons. This edition includes updated chapters on basics such as funding, crafting guidelines, topic selection, publicity, post-program evaluations; a new section on technology, with ideas for online book discussions, offering programs via Skype, and turning programs into podcasts; methods for tailoring programs for specific groups, such as men, baby boomers, and seniors; and sample newsletters, press releases, scheduling forms, and program models, all available as downloads via weblinks.

Programming for Adults: A Guide for Small- and Medium-sized Libraries
Raymond Ranier, Scarecrow Press, 2005 ISBN 0810851555
This resource for library professionals at small- and medium-sized facilities provides practical suggestions for creating popular programming for adults. Coverage includes such topics as bringing speakers to the library, developing educational programs, and hosting book discussion groups. Ranier also suggests some ways of marketing library programming.

Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities, and Culture 
Deborah A. Robertson, American Library Association, 2005 ISBN 0838935516
This authoritative program resource outlines all the steps to: assess current community needs; set goals and establish measurable outcomes; develop winning partnerships that result in high quality, well-attended programs; highlight and drive the use of collections; gain community support and visibility through programming; enhance your library’s role as cultural center based on successful models.

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