Celebrate Citizen Science Day in Your Library!

SciStarter, with support from the Citizen Science Association, presents Citizen Science Day, an annual event to celebrate and promote all things citizen science: amazing discoveries, incredible volunteers, hardworking practitioners, inspiring projects, and anything else citizen science related.

Citizen Science Day kicks off on Saturday, April 13, 2019. Hundreds of events will be held throughout the world, and there are many ways your library can participate! After your library has developed an event, we encourage you to use SciStarter’s online tools to add your event to their database and promote your event to people in your area.

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The Librarian’s Guide to Citizen Science

Libraries are quickly becoming community hubs for citizen science. Your library may already be involved in innovative citizen science programming. If so, bravo! For countless others, citizen science is still a bit of a mystery.

SciStarter has created this guide to help you navigate the rapidly changing landscape, access resources, learn about projects and programs, and explore a menu of opportunities to bring citizen science to your library.

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Citizen Science Day 2019:
Add Real Scientific Research
to Your Library Programming!


Libraries are hubs for discovery and community engagement; imagine your library joining a real-time event with others around the world and contributing to real scientific research to speed up Alzheimer’s research! Citizen Science Day 2019 is Saturday, April 13th. You and your library are invited to participate in the Stall Catchers Megathon (see below), in which people all over the world will analyze real research data in a game format that would normally take researchers over a year to complete.

The Presenters

Join the Megathon!

The Megathon (April 13th, 1:30-3:30 ET) is a “mega catching marathon” in Stall Catchers – a citizen science game that anyone can play to help speed up Alzheimer’s research. “Catchathons” gather communities worldwide for intense “catching marathons”, breaking records while analyzing new data from Cornell University. With everyone pitching in, we can accelerate the research by orders of magnitude. Public libraries, schools, senior living centers, and people everywhere will work together for one hour to answer a key research question about Alzheimer’s disease that would normally take scientists an entire year!

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Programming Resources

Below we have assembled a collection of resources that include vetted STEM activities, printable materials (PDF format), images and important web pages that your library can utilize for your Citizen Science programming.

STEM Activities

Taking Earth’s Temp
GLOBE Observer: Clouds
Investigating Clouds
Cloud Teller
Estimating Cloud Cover


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Web Pages

Citizen Science Assoc.
ASU Citizen Science

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