Family STEM Nights

Family STEM nights are a great way to encourage people to visit the library, because you are able to engage the entire family at one event.  Sometimes, this can be easier for parents -- being able to take the entire family out for one fun event that is appropriate for all ages.  For our STEM

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Public Libraries and STEM

I had the great privilege and honor to be part of the inaugural Public Libraries and STEM Conference, co-convened last week in Denver, Colorado by Paul B. Dusenbery of the Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning and Keliann LaConte of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. At this conference, STEM professionals and public librarians met for two and

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NASA Earth& Space Science Education E-Newsletter

August 2015 A monthly broadcast including upcoming educational programs, events, opportunities, and the latest resources from NASA's Science Mission Directorate. To Unsubscribe, e-mail with 'Unsubscribe' as the subject. Click here to see an archive of past newsletters. Programs & Events New in this Issue “Where Over the World Is Astronaut Scott Kelly?” Trivia Contest

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