admin-ajaxNewImageMath at Play is a free resource to make math fun for kids ages 0-5. Made possible through generous funding by the Madison Metropolitan School District and the Evjue Foundation in Wisconsin, Math at Play is a great go-to site for games, songs, and rhymes to promote mathematical concepts in early learning. The resource is designed for parents; but why not add some STEM to your storytimes? I bet you’ve already done some of the listed counting fingerplays already!

Here’s a few more mathematical ideas from Math at Play’s resource page:

– Hide a toy and give the kids directions (over, behind, up, down, around) to find it.

– Read books with repeating patterns and rhymes

-Have parents tap their children, or do another motion with them, three times. Count each time aloud.

-Ask the kids to help you clean up the story area by putting away their toys

-Complete a task like lining up 5 objects and ask the children to copy you.

Who new that helping our littlest patrons with their math skills was such a snap?