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Ready to Share with Patrons

Below is a list of resources that you can share with your patrons without the need for facilitation.

Featured Resource: Family STEM Cards

The Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative has developed STEM activities that use household materials into a deck of cards families can use to engage with STEM at home. The cards are formatted for easy printing at home.

To order decks of cards, patrons can visit GCSC’s donations page or contact the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative at gcscstemed@gmail.com.

View/Download STEM Cards

Create at Home: Edible Destruction

Build at Home: Create Your Own Zipline

Build at Home: Daylight in a Bottle

Explore at Home: Balloon Rockets

Girls Who Code at Home: Binary Bracelets


Windy City Tower

Water Pollution Cleanup




Free Online Books

Alien Cave Explorers

Asteroid Harpooning Hitcher

Laser-Sailing Starships

Squishy Fishy Robot Explorers

View Entire World Book Series

How-to Videos

Daylight in a Bottle

Loony Lunar Phases

Scale Model of Sun and Earth

Polar Bears Go with the Floes

Kid Moon Splat

How-to Videos

Build Earthquake Resistant Structure

Windy City Tower

Foil Boats

Water Pollution Clean Up


SciGirls Videos

Escuadrón Espacial | Space Squad

Mejorando Procesos | Process Power

Gallinas de Ciudad | City Chickens

Baile Digital | Digital Dance

View All SciGirls Connect Resources

Miscellaneous Videos

Embracing Self Isolation

Tips: Living in Close Quarters

Story Time from Space

Story Time from Earth

Field Trip to Mars

SciGames Apps

Planet Families

Star Maze

Solar Vision

Space Stage


Other Apps



NSF Science Zone

National Geographic

Reach Across The Stars


NASA at Home

NASA Science at Home

ISS Learn at Home

NISE Network at Home

GLOBE Observer at Home


4 Easy Tips… STEM Activities at Home

Engaging/Supporting Families…

12 Best STEM Activities for Kids

Seven NSF-supported STEM Resources

Cooped Up At Home? Help Scientists…


NASA’s “Earth as Art”

NASA’s “Earth at Night”

NASA’s “Hubble Focus”

NASA’s Image and Video Library

NASA Earth Observatory