Earth Campaign Video Collection

Below is a collection of our Earth campaign videos. Note: This section will grow as we collect more videos.

Drip Drop!

Drip Drop! is a music video intended to engage young people in a conversation about climate and water.

SciGirls: Underwater Eco-Adventure

Izzie takes the plunge with Elle and Meg, scuba diving to protect the biodiversity of their favorite Catalina reefs. More SciGirls Videos >>

Sting of Climate Change

By comparing bee data to satellite imagery, NASA research scientist Wayne Esaias uses honey bees as tiny data collectors to understand how climate change is affecting pollination and plants.

NASA Explorers: Cryo Kids

#NASAExplorers come in all ages! In this week’s bonus episode, we headed back to Alaska to check in with some of our tiniest Explorers. They’re following in the scientists’ footsteps, working with NASA’s GLOBE program to measure when and where snow and ice are freezing. Plus, stick around for a thank you message from our scientists to the young Explorers collecting their data.

Local Effects of Climate Change

This narrative focuses on the human aspects of life in the polar regions through the eyes of Finn Siegstag, a Ilulissat Guide. The traditional lifestyles of Native Alaskans are undergoing profound changes due to climate change. Credit: CIRES/Univ. of Colorado

Effects of Methane Gas Trapped Under Water

Katey Walter, Research Assistant Professor from the Univ. of Alaska describes changes in the permafrost when ice melts causing methane emissions. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas. Credit: CIRES/Univ. of Colorado

The Sound (and Visions) of Silence

Captured by astronauts Sergey Ryazanskiy, Paolo Nespoli, and Commander Randy Bresnik, the video features stunning footage of Earth and outer space from the International Space Station in low-earth orbit during the months of August through October in 2017. “The Sound of Silence” Written by Paul Simon. SONGS OF UNIVERSAL, INC. on behalf of PAUL SIMON MUSIC. Performed by Disturbed. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

The Earth: 4K Extended Edition

Can’t get enough of Earth? Then this is for you: an extended playback of Ultra High Definition views of Planet Earth, captured by NASA astronaut Jeff Williams during his mission on the International Space Station in 2016. You’ll see the French Riviera and the Sahara Desert, cross North America from Texas all the way to Canada, and more—this is your source for the view of your home planet from 250 miles up!

Additional Video Links (with many more coming soon):